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One of the primary activities allowed under license by the Commission is underwriting process.
Securities underwriting services can help atttract new investments funds through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). An underwriting company establishes specific contracts that the company plans to IPO and facilitates the selling of ownership of its property. The terms of the contract depends on the underwriting, but is often a sale of securities, including all planning required to complete the sale and purchase of IPO assets/securities. The underwriters leverage local and international standards facilitate presentations to the Mongolian market securities underwriting companies, seek regulatory authorities permit registration and publish necessary information (such as real and public securities) in order to promote the IPO sale, and get primary market sale approval.

Standard Investment successfully completed its first IPO in 2014 (MSE:MRX), and the second one (MSE:ITLS) in 2017. Additionally, in 2018 we worked as a syndicate underwriter to Gauli and Bumbat-Altai in the MSE:MBW IPO.